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May the Memes Be With You: 3 Crypto Pairs to Watch on Pi42

The world of cryptocurrency can be serious business, filled with complex projects and technical jargon. But sometimes, a little laughter is just what the doctor ordered. Enter meme coins – the wacky, often dog-themed tokens that have taken the crypto market by storm. While they may seem like a frivolous fad, some meme coins have experienced explosive growth and even garnered passionate communities.

Today, we’re taking a break from the serious stuff and diving into the lighter side of crypto with 3 meme coin pairs to keep an eye on, all available for trading on Pi42:

1. Dogwifhat (WIF-INR) – INR 247.38

Don’t be fooled by the name – Dogwifhat (WIF) is no ordinary dog-themed meme coin. While it boasts an adorable dog sporting a stylish hat in its logo, Dogwifhat is making waves with its utility. This meme coin leverages the Solana blockchain, known for its speed and efficiency, making transactions faster and cheaper.

Why Watch WIF?

Dogwifhat combines meme coin fun with real-world functionality. The project’s roadmap hints at exciting developments, and its active community keeps the buzz going. Will Dogwifhat become the next big meme coin with utility? Keep an eye on WIF!

2. 1000BONK (1000BONK-INR) – INR 2.95 

If you’re looking for a meme coin with a bit of bite, look no further than 1000BONK. This self-proclaimed “Dogecoin killer on Solana” aims to dethrone the meme coin king with its focus on the Solana blockchain’s faster transaction speeds and lower fees.

Why Watch 1000BONK?

1000BONK has a playful yet ambitious spirit, aiming to disrupt the meme coin space. Will it succeed? The answer lies in community adoption and its ability to deliver on its promises.

3. Book of Meme (BOME-INR) – INR 1.09 

BOME is an experimental project combining memes, decentralized storage, and crypto fun. It aims to:

  • Immortalize memes: Store memes permanently on the blockchain (Solana, Arweave, IPFS), creating a “Book of Memes.”
  • Fuel a new social media: BOME fosters a decentralized social media experience built around memes.
  • Embrace “Degen” Culture: BOME incorporates memecoin trading and gambling elements.

Important Considerations:

While these 3 pairs offer intriguing potential at an affordable price point, it’s crucial to remember that cryptocurrency is a volatile and speculative market. Do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency. Here are some additional factors to consider:

  • Market Capitalisation: Market cap refers to the total value of all outstanding coins in circulation. Generally, projects with a higher market cap are considered less risky than those with a lower market cap.
  • Trading Volume: Trading volume indicates the liquidity of a particular crypto pair. Higher trading volume indicates easier entry and exit from a position.
  • Project Development: Analyse the project’s roadmap, team expertise, and progress towards achieving its goals.
  • Community Sentiment: Gauge the overall community sentiment surrounding the project by following social media channels and online forums.

Meme Crypto Pairs on Pi42:

Pi42 provides a user-friendly platform for trading a wide range of crypto pairs, including the ones mentioned above. Here are some benefits of using pi42:

  • Crypto-INR Futures: Pi42 is India’s first Crypto-INR perpetual futures trading platform. We offer native Indian Rupee pairs for your crypto trades, just like BTC-INR and ETH-INR.
  • No VDA Taxes: By trading Crypto-INR futures pairs, you can significantly reduce your tax burden. You avoid the 30% Virtual Digital Asset (VDA) tax and the 1% TDS (Tax Deducted at Source). Additionally, you can offset your losses against your gains for further tax benefits.
  • Advanced Features: The platform provides advanced features like margin trading and stop-loss orders to manage risk and capitalize on various market conditions.
  • Secure Environment: pi42 prioritises security to ensure the safety of your funds and transactions.